My name is Ashleigh. I am an artist. My creative imagination compels me to explore the boundaries of my mind, propelling me forward beyond the boundaries of the world. I am a rock climber, diver and skier. I am a writer. A curious traveler. I've lived in 4 countries, in fact, I am the identity behind 3 passports.

I'm an enthusiast of life, a full heart fanatic, both for the environment and the ability to share it with others. To feel so deeply that connection with nature, and with people. I have lived in a truck almost an entire revolution of the sun, and during these times, I have accomplished many small, but wholly important goals. I have summited peaks and explored unmarked, unnamed routes. I am driven by an insatiable fire to never stop exploring. My passions of photos and words combine and transform into stories worth telling, stories worth sharing. 


PADI Open Water Diver

Emergency Medical Technician

Avalanche Safety Training 1& 2

Certified Ski Instructor 

Swift Water Rescue


Endless and constant exploration. Whether it's in my backyard of Anchorage, Alaska or traveling with the bare necessities abroad. Everything I do weighs in on the environmental impact. Because of that, I chose to live in the most beautiful place in the world, making it possible to explore locally.

I hope my passions relate beyond the screen. I am driven by insatiable disparity to tell stories of our beautiful, changing world.

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